Our Hollow, Our Home - In Moment / / In Memory
8.8Overall Score

Our Hollow, Our Home, In Moment//In Memory
Hollow Music

The new kings of British metalcore, Our Hollow, Our Home, have arrived with the 15-track, emotional rollercoaster that is In Moment//In Memory. It’s a truly unique record and gives a very personal insight into the emotional struggles of vocalist and guitarist, Tobias Young, following the sad passing of his father.

Denial opens things up in a haunting manner with piano and strange background sounds overlaid by a woman discussing her own experience with death. From there and throughout the opening section of this record, it’s difficult not to be knocked over by the powerful drums, the energetic guitars and the killer vocals. Lyrics revolve around the idea of being trapped in the moment and searching for a way to break the cycle and become free.

In Moment//In Memory essentially walks us through the stages of grief. Anger is up next and its aggressive instrumentation suits a track with such a title. The album continues in this fascinating manner, and will whir you into a frenzy – it’s an audio window through which the listener can experience every emotion that Young articulates so poignantly and potently.

In a music genre so full of new bands, it may be difficult to stand out from the pack but these bruisers have truly broken the mould with this emotion-fueled concept record. Like we said, Our Hollow, Our Home are the new kings of British metalcore.