One of 2020’s most important records has landed!

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to explain quite how important music has been to me over the last few weeks. I am sooooo grateful to all the artists for continuing to unleash new songs. I have listened and I have listened and I have listened. Thanks to my favourite bands and singers, my life feels as full as ever. Here’s a review of one of April’s best releases:

Our Hollow, Our Home: Burn It//Bury It (Hollow Music)

It’s easy to spend too much time trying to wrestle the duality that lurks within you. (Don’t pretend it’s not there – you KNOW it is). OHOH’s music, though, is becoming increasingly adept at presenting the idea that actually light and dark are necessary neighbours. Without the brutal heaviness that on our most difficult days weighs us down, those explosions of brightness that we hopefully experience too just wouldn’t feel so good. Okay, OHOH might not quite be telling us to embrace all the goo and gross stuff but they are suggesting we accept it. The message is clear: we can’t always stay on the tracks and things won’t always go exactly how we hope – but for all the murky moments there are perfect ones too. Burn It//Bury Its luminescent chorus somehow captures the thrill of life’s best bits so that we can savour them even in these most menacing of times.

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