Being teenage is hard. Being almost-not-teenage isn’t any easier. Piano-playing Ayley, despondent songwriter Cynthia and pop sensation Bright Star know all about it. The 19-year-old girls may inhabit different worlds but it’s the struggles they have in common that will ultimately lead them to the very same place at the very same time…

Yeah, that’s the blurb. Over the last two months, me, Ayley and Bright Star have been telling you our stories. Why am I the one doing the catch-up? Well, it’s not as if I’ve got anything better to do. So, here’s what happened in chapters 1-15. Cyn x

My story starts in the basement of Little Jo’s parents’ house. Me being tormented by Bright Star’s evil pop music. My friends are, as ever, trying to keep my head above water. It’s not easy. I’m a miserable toad. Kris, Ella, Little Jo and Big Joe are definitely not toads. They are beautiful. Kris plays the guitar which means I love him and I hate him. He’s so talented. I’m holding him back. Who am I kidding? I couldn’t hold him back if I tried. He’s got it all. I hope he doesn’t leave me, so I snap at him. Now, he’ll definitely leave me. Shit.

By now, even I have to admit I’ve probably been in the basement too long. But I’m not leaving. I get stoned and read the paper. Bright Star. Bright Star. Bright fucking Star. Then the Jo(e)s start prodding at me to get off my backside and do something. But I’ve already told them that’s not going to happen. I’m here to do nothing. It’s not much to ask. There’s definitely no way I’m going on stage with Kris. Do they actually want to humiliate me? Do they? I guess we’ll find out…

So, Ayley’s story… She’s got Bright Star’s music up loud and she’s dancing. She knows the pop star’s a fake and yet she’s working hard to be like her in some way. Obviously she’s crazy. Not that I can talk. Whatever. Ayley’s living in some kind of mansion but she remembers what people used to call her when she lived in a caravan with her bonkers mum. She tries not to think about that, she wants to focus on writing songs, but you know how social media is. It calls you pikey. It calls you BITCH. It’s hard to concentrate.

Which is why Ayley stays in her bedroom. Remind you of anyone? Hmmmm. She won’t even go to see her boyfriend play football. Which is weird. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch a bunch of dudes racing around like lunatics in the freezing cold? It’s not as if Ayley hasn’t got a plan for her own life. I mean, we don’t what it is yet, but that’s why I for one can’t wait to read what happens next…

Before we get to that, though, it’s time for Bright Star. Singer of the puke-inducing Beautiful Girls and the gross-fest that is Sugar Lips. Horrible songs but huge, huge hits. When we meet her, she’s hiding in her own crowd. Hood up, head down, what the fuuuuuuuuck is she up to? She runs at security, then towards the stage. Has she completely lost her mind? Then she’s standing at the mic and about to sing. Okay, I get it. She’s decided to ditch the pop princess image. She’s dressed in her own clothes. She’s got her own songs. She’s even holding a guitar. This is going to go well. I don’t think.

Bright Star plays. A song she’s written. It’s the best thing she’s ever done. No one else thinks so, though. Who’d have thought? The next night, she’s back to doing what she’s told. She still thinks she’ll show them. Will she? WILL SHE? Well, we just don’t know. Or do we? DO WE? Read on to uncover the truth x

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N–N-N-N-Nineteen was inspired by a life filled with pop music. Here are three of the songs that made us who we are: