Mineral - One Day When We Are Young: Mineral at 25
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One Day When We Are Young: Mineral at 25
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Most of us here at Sound of Pen weren’t even born when Mineral called it quits in 1998. For those of us who were, it’s been a long 20 years without them, and with their return has come a flood of appreciation for what we were missing.

It’s a bold move for a band’s first release in two decades to be an eight-minute epic, but when you’re Mineral, and that song is Aurora, well, it’s a move that makes sense. November’s release was packed with poetic lyrics, vocalist Chris Simpson’s instantly-recognisable voice soaring mournfully over the intricate and unrelenting guitar line. The song takes eight minutes to swell and recede, and it’s eight minutes of beauty.

But Your Body Is The World manages this and more in half the time! It’s got the same soaring vocals, the same climax of energy, the same gorgeously expressive lyrics, but it’s crammed into just under five minutes instead. It’s saturated with maturity, from reflective lines about being young and growing up to the overwhelming musical soundscape. The build is so gradual that it doesn’t hit you till you realise it’s battering you over the head – less like a dam breaking, more like a river growing wider and wider until you realise you’re staring into an ocean.

Whether this is a full on comeback from Mineral, or just a standalone celebration of their 25th anniversary (along with a book release and more tour dates!!), we’re grateful for it, and reminded that some things are worth waiting for.

One Day When We Are Young is available now via House Arrest.