Marmozets: Knowing What You Know Now
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Marmozets, Knowing What You Know Now

When so many of the things happening in the world seem soooooo crazy, we need the beguiling Marmozets more than ever. They’re a band we can look up to as well as listen to, a band we can both admire and adore. That much is clear from the approach they took to hatching this second album. Any average outfit bathing in the aftermath of a debut as ravishing as 2014’s, The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets, would have rushed like lunatics back into the studio. And it’s no wonder. Gruesomely, over recent years, we’ve been sold this idea that if artists don’t do everything RIGHT NOW, if they don’t literally keep fans’ attention fixed on them TWENTY-FOUR-SEVEN, then it’s OVER, their window of opportunity will be firmly SHUT. The goosebump-inducing Marmozets are here to prove that’s not the case.

Knowing What You Know Now is clearly a record that’s benefitted from an extended period of gestation. By singer Becca MacIntyre’s own admission, she kind of fell into this business by accident. As a result, it’s no wonder that this is the record that showcases her as a more defined, dynamic leading lady. Yeah, yeah, we hear you – she was hardly one-dimensional in the first place. But listen to these twelve tracks and you’ll definitely get the feeling that you know the 25-year-old Becca better than the 21-year-old version.

Musically, KWYKN will leave you reaching for your inhaler or needing a good lie-down. It has that in common with its predecessor. And yet despite the fact that it’s as integrity-packed as TWAWM, it’s somehow a million times more radio-friendly. Hell, not since Biffy Clyro released Puzzle has a band succeeded in delivering an album that’s as capable of hooking in new listeners without compromising any of the ideals that captivated their initial, more alternative audience in the first place.

You’ll have heard the spellbinding singles. Play could get Sheldon Cooper on his feet and dancing, Habits is capable of turning Theresa May into a headbanger, and Major System Error is infectious enough to make a sloth feel like he’s just downed a thousand energy drinks. Elsewhere, Insomnia is one of the record’s delirium-inducing slow numbers. In another life, it might have ended up on a Cranes album, but in 2018 it sounds perfect right here. As do the screeching, tempo-shifting Suffocation, the swirling Me & You, and the closing Run With The Rhythm, which sounds something like Florence and the Machine might if Florence Welch was a metaller (whaaaaaaaaatt??). And we haven’t even mentioned the bonkers Like A Battery, which is half- Arctic Monkeys, half-Muse and nonetheless remains 100% true to everything the MacIntyres (Becca, guitarist Sam, drummer Josh) and Bottomleys (guitarist Jack, bassist Will) stand for.

All in all, KWYNN is an album that makes total sense of the time Marmozets took to create it, and it makes us want to smother them in kisses. Yes, they’re the same band they always were but their focus on evolving rather than echoing means they’re different too. Different to everybody. Different to everything. We lurve them.

Knowing What You Know Now is out on Friday 26th January