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Kim Petras, Clarity (BunHead)

Listening to Clarity makes me feel like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Except Kim Petras doesn’t transport me to some made-up place inhabited by talking scarecrows and cowardly lions. Instead, she takes me somewhere way stranger: the 1980s. Seriously. I’m only a few seconds into Icy and I’m already looking around for a Rubik’s Cube to play with or some shoulder pads to wear.

Not that you’ll have heard this album before. Yeah, Petras probably owns a few Madonna records but Clarity isn’t just some kind of scrapbook of old ideas. And to say the singer simply dumps us in the ’80s and leaves us there probably isn’t quite right, because Britney’s an influence too – and then there’s Petras’ delivery, which is very 2019. Without doubt, she’s an icon for right now. So, yeah, it’s fair to compare Clarity to the twister that hit Kansas, but really it’s more like a thousand tornados, whirling us here and there and back again.

Still, it’s true that Dorothy would feel right at home with Clarity blaring out of her radio, because there’s definitely a yellow brick road running right through the middle of this album. And I’m sure the last thing Kim Petras needs is a dimwit like me hypothesising about the challenges she must have faced as a transgender artist but clearly she’ll have encountered at least a few hurdles along her way to here. And now she’s a POP STAR. That sounds like an inspirational journey to me. And really you’ll relate to it because that fight to be yourself, well, we’re all in that battle. Or maybe that’s me trying to make my life feel more significant than it is.

Whatever. Kim Petras doesn’t spend much time self-analysing. Yeah, it may have taken some work for her to get this far but singing about that would be drab. Instead, then, she’s made a record that’s all Gucci this and Prada that – have no doubt Kim Petras is a material girl! But she’s also the singer of huge tuuuuuuunes, and each one on Clarity does exactly what pop music is meant to do and takes you away to a different world – the only downside being that coming back to reality is a bit of a drag. Something I’m pretty sure Dorothy knows all about.

Clarity is out now.

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