Daisy Celebrates The BEST Records Of 2019!

Yonaka, Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow (Atlantic)

Sometimes I wish I could dance in a way that made me look at least a little bit like a normal person. But it really isn’t possible. Not if I’m listening to music that actually means anything. My mouth goes into this weird shape that I can’t even describe and my body kind of crumples up in a way that makes me look like something heavy must have just fallen on my head.

Thus why I can only listen to Yonaka in my bedroom. No album this year can be considered both a rock record and a dance album in quite the same way as Don’t Wait ’Til Tomorrow. Which means all sorts of issues if you’ve already got a serious dancing problem. When huge tunes like Lose Our Heads start up, should we be throwing massive shapes or simply moshing as hard as humanly possible? The most likely result is that you’ll end up trying to do both. Which, yeah, will definitely make you look like as much of a lunatic as you’re thinking it will.

You’ll have the time of your life, though. Yonaka have found that that balance between making a record that works you out both physically and emotionally, and it’s sewn together with lyrics which are as deeply personal as they are ludicrously energising. Singer Theresa Jarvis is the perfect frontwoman. She definitely doesn’t dance like she’s had lessons either but she’s soooooo cool. I want to be just like her. And Don’t Wait ’Till Tomorrow makes me think – that in my own odd way – I can be!

Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow is out now.

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