YUNGBLUD: Brixton Academy, London

21st November 2019

One thing that’s obvious tonight is how fit a rockstar needs to be. And before you start yelling about how looks have got nothing to do with anything that means anything, SETTLE YOURSELF DOWN. I don’t mean fit as in drop-dead gorgeous, I’m talking about how much endless energy it must take to be YUNGBLUD. I mean, he runs around the Academy stage like a dog that’s had its tail pulled. For an hour and a half! I mean, I’m all for a quick jog to the record shop and back but the kind of workout that YUNGBLUD puts himself through tonight? I’d need a good sit down within ten minutes. And I absobloodylutely would not be able to sing.

YUNGBLUD, though, doesn’t stop. He’s a raging hurricane from first song to last. Not that this should really come as a surprise. When have you ever seen him not ready to take on the world? His spirit is infectious – I only need to hear his voice and I start looking for a huge tree to climb or a homeless person to buy a sandwich for. There’s just something about YUNGBLUD that makes me feel like I can do something important. And judging by the crazy noise coming from the Brixton crowd, I’m not the only one. From the moment (during the build-up to YUNGBLUD’s entrance) that MCR’s I’m Not Okay comes blasting out of the speakers and everyone begins singing along, there’s a fierce sense of unity. The underrated youth are right here and we’re ready for something big.

YUNGBLUD realises that. He’s with us 100% and that’s why we love him. He even gets into the crowd to sing Kill Somebody. We sing with him and the roof comes off Brixton Academy before floating into the fucking distance with all the other things the people in charge have built to keep us cooped up. Then there’s I Think I’m Okay, a song which might sound like it’s in a better mental place than MCR’s breakthrough track but with a hook like ‘SOMETHING’S FUCKING WRONG WITH ME’ probably isn’t. Or is it?! Is it possible we do all feel better than we used to? I say YES YES YES. Because YUNGBLUD has gathered us and now we’re standing side by side. And, sure, if you’re anything like me you might be feeling a bit like ‘what are we meant to do now?’ But we just need to believe that we can make this moment count, and keep our fingers crossed that YUNGBLUD knows how we’re going to do that. And even if he doesn’t, well, at least we know he’ll have no problem beating Boris Johnson in a running race.

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