PVRIS, Hallucinations (Warner Records)

I used to think of myself as a rock kid. Then I heard PVRIS and everything changed. I mean, okay not everything. I mean, I still have to get up for school in the morning and I still have to drink liquid if I don’t want to dehydrate. But for those of you who understand that on some level music is everything (and, yes, I know we’ve already had this chat), then you’ll get what I mean. When I listened to PVRIS’ White Noise for the first time, I realised a band didn’t have to sound like Linkin Park to be AWESOME. Although of course sounding like Linkin Park – and ideally being Linkin Park – was obviously still AWESOME.

Hallucinations is a reminder of how Lynn Gunn and gang managed to open my mind. As ever, Gunn’s whole heart is in each track and that’s why it makes sense – regardless of precise genre – to talk about PVRIS alongside bands like Linkin Park. What I really love, I’ve realised, is music to be 100% committed. That’s the only thing that really counts. And have no doubt PVRIS are – as always – totally invested here. Old Wounds is both fierce and heartbreaking, the title track is too – and it’s the contrasts within each of the five songs on this EP which make Hallucinations the perfect record to listen to when hiding under your bed covers OR while jumping up and down on top of them. It’s proving absolutely irresistible to rock kids everywhere.

Hallucinations is out now.

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