Poppy, I Disagree (Sumerian Records)

On those days when I wake up feeling a bit bonkers, the first thing I do is put my headphones on. Letting Linkin Park or YUNGBLUD loose on my brain always sorts me out – at least to the point where I can get dressed and out of the front door. Their music talks to me in a way that counters the weirdness that sometimes follows me out of my dreams – it brings me back to reality AND helps me cope with it.

Poppy’s latest doesn’t have quite the same effect. It’s absolutely bananas and, yeah, listening to it when you’re feeling a bit all over the place might make you feel pretty sane in comparison. On the flipside, it could send you over the edge completely. I Disagree is basically the noise of your worst nightmare on record. Which means it makes perfect sense as the soundtrack to 2020. We’re living in a world where it’s difficult to know what’s real and what’s not and no artist does a better job of mirroring that crazy state of affairs than Poppy.

Concrete is the highlight of the record. It sounds exactly like what you’d imagine Hello Kitty, Marilyn Manson and C-3PO would come up with if you sat them down in a studio together. And, sure, listening to it might make you feel a bit like you’ve been spun in circles for ten minutes then told that if you don’t walk in a perfectly straight line you’ll DIE, but actually don’t you kind of feel that way all the time? By bringing the oddness of life out into the open, Poppy might just be establishing our new reality. Get ready for it.

I Disagree is out right now.

There’s another life lesson right here.

Poppy’s Scary Mask was one of our top 75 songs of 2019.