Halsey, Marshmello & Why Pink Hair Is NEVER Just Pink Hair!

The video for Be Kind makes me feel all tingly. It’s like Marshmello, Halsey and their team understand exactly what makes music so important. Which OF COURSE they do. It’s not possible to unleash scorchers like Nightmare and Happier without understanding that songs aren’t just songs – they’re portals to another universe. I feel lucky to know that. There are days where – strangely enough – I don’t want to spend another minute thinking about all the havoc and horror in this world. I’m grateful I can say FUCK THAT and put my headphones on.

I LOVE the way my favourite songs transport me away from the dystopic real world and all the nitwits in charge of it. Halsey gets what I mean. Her pink hair isn’t just pink hair, it’s a FUCK YOU to all the people that have done their best to kill the planet with their drabness and their meanness. In the Be Kind video, Halsey and Marshmello signpost a land where these people don’t exist, where everything is brightly-coloured, where we don’t walk – we DANCE – and where we aren’t dying, we’re blossoming. That place is real. It’s the future.

Be Kind, then, isn’t an important song simply because it allows us to escape the sound of chainsaws chopping down rainforests. Yes, it offers relief from that din, but more importantly it’s laying the foundation for a time when that noise will have disappeared altogether. Look no further than the song title for evidence. This is music with a message. It’s not a complicated one but it’s important, and if all Halsey fans can Be Kind, then that’s pretty much a whole generation sorted. And, yes, it’s true that the monsters currently distributing the chainsaws have no interest in actually changing things for the better, but pretty soon they’ll be old or outnumbered. By people like us. People who know that pink hair isn’t just pink hair. Phew.