One of 2020’s most important records has landed!

Boston Manor: Glue (Pure Noise Records)

If you’re anything like me, getting through each day is a bit like crossing a field of land mines. You duck this way and that, swerving your feelings wherever possible, because if you don’t you’ll never get anything done. But all the emotions, all the problems, they’re always there – out of sight but underfoot, ready to detonate. Sometimes they explode when you’re least expecting. Or maybe that’s not quite right because on some level you’re constantly expecting that explosion. Whatever the case, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll be thrown a hundred feet into the air. Then there’s the crash as you hit the ground again. Up. Down. Up. Down. It’s BRUTAL.

It’s not simply that you never know when the attack’s going to come. There’s also the fact that you don’t know whether you should be prepared for Sadness or Insecurity or Self-loathing or… well, the list goes on. Thankfully, we have our favourite albums to turn to – most situations have their own matching soundtrack. But what when Sadness, Insecurity, Self-loathing and a hundred more of their friends come for you ALL AT ONCE? How can one band possibly write a set of songs that will serve as cover from such an enormous myriad of enemies?

You’ll have to ask Boston Manor. Glue is exactly that set of songs. And, yes, their debut, Be Nothing, was good, but WOW did anyone back in 2016 really suspect that the Blackpool five-piece had this MASTERPIECE inside them? But that’s really the success of this album – somehow Henry Cox and gang have managed to force EVERYTHING to the surface: the darkest truths, the repressed fears, the unseen potential. Glue is a response to all the things we spend most of our lives trying to run away from. It somehow captures that feeling of being on a dancefloor – at once part of a crowd and yet also completely alone with your thoughts. Like a storm that’s been locked in a cupboard, Boston Manor might not feel like they belong in the world but Glue is the sound of them trying to find their place regardless. It’s the album of the year.

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