So, we start with a band we don’t know all that well but LOVE the sound of and then we poke around their world until we’ve uncovered more music we LOVE…

This time, we begin with The Brave. They’re from Australia – which, probably not coincidentally, is where at least eighteen thousand of our favourite bands currently live. And there was us thinking all that sunshine made people happy and that no good art came from a place of contentment. Clearly, something about that equation’s not quite right. Or maybe it’s simply our bad maths. Whatever. Our counting skills are definitely shipshape enough to know what it means when you add the influences of Linkin Park and Architects together. Yours probably are too.

If you go to see The Brave when they get to Sydney in March, you’ll also have the chance to fall in love with openers To Octavia, an Aussie five-piece taking the noisy/melodic thing to a whole new level. They marry heavy screaming with bursts of multi-coloured melody and the contrast makes you feel like, sure, you’re bogged down in a mire but if you can just manage to get yourself unstuck then there’ll be someone handing out free ice cream only a few streets away. It’s a sound that makes sense in 2020 because, yes, the world is hard to live in but it is going to get better.

Which brings us to Squid Fishing. They play the most gorgeous, most honest emo music and, okay, maybe they sound totally different to The Brave and To Octavia but they absolutely share the quality of AWESOMENESS. On Slowly the band rhyme ‘darkness’ with ‘anxious’,  two words which soooo belong together. It’s why we hate going to bed so much. When the lights are off and we’re shut up in a small room with only the shit in our heads for company it can feel pretty lonely.

Thankfully, we can always put our headphones on. And so can you. Do it right now and listen to our latest gang of interdePENdent bands!

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