In This Moment: Ritual
9Overall Score

In This Moment, Ritual

When Ritual’s release was announced in early July, fans everywhere went crazy with anticipation – the anxious wait for In This Moment’s latest, possibly greatest, was nearly over. Every preview and every announcement about the album was greeted with extreme excitement and glee. It was clear that listeners had long since fallen head over heels for the Californian metallers.

At last the album’s been released and fans both new and old have been able to marvel at the quintet’s newest creation. There have been some changes. Maria Brink no longer screams continuously into the mic during quieter sections but personally I don’t mind – it gives the listener a chance to truly appreciate the lyrics and instrumental features of the album. And the ever-present themes of religion, twisted gods and demons and tainted love are still just as excellent.

Ritual is Ritual is one of my favourite releases of 2017 so far. The listener can connect with every song and I look forward to In This Moment’s next work.