In This Moment: Black Widow
9Overall Score

In This Moment, Black Widow

Black Widow is not an album for the faint-hearted.

The album includes many mentions to terrible, real-world concerns such as emotional abuse, social judgement and body image. All of these issues are accompanied by the excellent voice of Maria Brink and are done a serious amount of justice thanks to the loud yet highly talented playing of the other band members.

The second song of the album is Sex Metal Barbie and throughout the song there are mentions to a damaging or abusive past. This can be heard through the lyrics: “my daddy’s perfect virgin” which implies something of a damaging, judgemental or controlling parent who held some kind of ideal over their child’s future. Later, Into the Darkness features Maria Brink and a warped, static-laced male voice talking over each other in some kind of argument, the voice continuing to insist that Maria is “ugly” and “worthless” whilst she attempts to defend herself stating that she is “beautiful”, “worthy and “pure”.

These themes appear many times in other songs and the album certainly gives off a feeling of influence and struggle.

Overall, I enjoy listening to this album and I highly recommend that fans of heavier, more intense rock look into In This Moment asap.