Homebound - Note To Self
8.8Overall Score

Homebound, Note To Self
Rude Records

As Robert Frost once wrote, nothing gold can stay. Homebound are a case in point. A mere tiny baby in band terms, the Farnham outfit are calling it a day. Presumably, they’ve reached home. We’ll miss their emotive Moose Blood-esque musings soaring through the Surrey skies. Why can’t the quartet carry on? Well, listen to the lyrics of their farewell tune and you’ll probably get the idea. ‘Everything I wanted to do was out of reach and not worth my time,’ sings vocalist Charlie Boughton, and it’s all we can do not to start weeping. This is emo at its most emo. Real life imitating art. Or art imitating real life. One or the other. ‘The wind blew down this house of cards I’m living in,’ Boughton continues. The truth is somewhat different, though. Homebound’s music will not be swept away. It will last forever. Note To Self is bittersweet testament to that.