Halestorm: Vicious
7.2Overall Score

Halestorm, Vicious
Atlantic Records

2018 has been a brilliant year for the rock genre with new and exciting records being released left, right and centre. Now it’s time for the Grammy-winning rockers from Pennsylvania to pick up the baton with their fourth album, Vicious. This 12-track masterpiece will easily meet the high expectations of the band’s fans. And if you’re new to the band, you can be sure that Vicious will be your gateway to many hours of listening and love.

If you’re a romantic rock fan then Do Not Disturb will be a favourite. It’s intense from the start, with the haunting combo of guitar and drums given even more oomph by the distinct vocal tones of dazzling frontlady Lzzy Hale. If you’re the kind of person who likes your rock ‘n’ roll traditional, then plug straight into Uncomfortable. The track will make you feel much more at home than the title might suggest. With its thundering drums kicking your heart into gear and its amplified lyrics perfectly set to rouse your rebellious streak, prepare to be knocked off your feet.

Halestorm aren’t all just oil and throttle. They have a melodic polish too. Look to Black Vultures for 100% proof. Lzzy Hale’s gorgeous voice is alive with pure passion and illuminates this apocalyptic classic.

Overall, then, it’s safe to say that Vicious is pure gold – a beautiful mixture of emotion and originality that shows why Halestorm are worthy of winning all the awards the music industry can throw at them.

Halestorm’s Vicious is out through Atlantic on 27th July