Frank Iero and the Patience: All Saints Church, Kingston
8.6Overall Score
Last month’s challenge was to write a review consisting of an ever-declining sentence style. The breathtaking winning entry came from Howe whose review of Frank Iero’s show in Kingston last year absolutely blew us away. Vant and Marmozets CDs are on their way to you, Howe. Congratulations.

10th September 2016

Frank Iero is back and everyone in Kingston feels it. A swarm of black has congregated around the church. Parachutes is due for release any day now. The fans are impossibly ravenous with impatience. The heat makes the wait intolerable. Frank is back in Kingston. The Patience is here. Is anyone ready? Are you? No.

Unprepared and unafraid, the crowd march valiantly into battle. Fans scour the room for space to breathe. Idle and impatient chatter invades the room. The silence from the stage is deafening. Suddenly it all stops. Frank is here. In Kingston. Now.

Suffocating heat and desperation fills each person’s lungs. The Patience stride valiantly toward the stage. Looks of pure devotion greet them. The first chord is struck. The crowd sings along. The tension evaporates. Music plays. Begin.

The Patience play with all their hearts. Each lyric echoed by the fans. The heat melting any hesitance. The crowd are bewitched. Song after song. Acoustic anthems. Haunting.

A new song is introduced. One that changes everything. Gives Parachutes meaning. Miss Me. Astounding.

A Q&A soon follows. Questions are answered. Dreams fulfilled. Relief.

Next: the meeting. A handshake. Lifechanging.

It’s over. Finished.