Crooked Teeth - Honey
8Overall Score

Crooked Teeth, Honey
Rude Records

Rebellion. That’s the first word we’d give you to describe this band. Let us introduce you to the wonderful, chill-yet-powerful world of Crooked Teeth.

If the California trio don’t draw you in through the prominent drums and ever-present guitars, then they certainly will with their vocals. The edgy, grunge feel will bring you back to the good ol’ days of broken headphones and heartbreak.

The verses throughout may seem understated but each one just peers through the blinds of storytelling. Yes, melodically, they might be overshadowed by the repetitive nature of the choruses – but the structure works for Crooked Teeth. Every song is catchy beyond belief, and the way the hooks contrast with what comes before and after only makes them shine brighter.

Have you ever felt mad? Of course you have. Well, Crooked Teeth are a band for those moments – with track titles like You And Me (Whatever), you can guess at their perfectly executed bitter tone. They take anger and use it as motivation. Remember those guitars? The drums? They blend perfectly together creating emphasis through every word and chorus. Crooked Teeth are here to make you feel something – whatever you want that to be.

The band bring something unique to the musical table too – expertly layered vocals echoed by a sound that ranges from arena rock (opening track, Hate Me) to near-EDM (Absent). The band is able to keep a consistent vibe, a mark to say it’s them, yet explore the subtle differences.

Ultimately, Honey definitely falls within the category of ‘emo’, but its creators combine that trademark sense of childhood nostalgia and longing with a plethora of fresh influences. You can’t help but be drawn in, and you can’t help but relate – and that’s the hallmark of top-quality music.

Honey is out now via Rude Records