This month, we want you to write about your favourite venue. The model below concentrates on Brixton Academy. If that’s the place you most love to watch live music, then feel free to write about it too. Whichever venue gives you goosebumps, we want to hear about it. It doesn’t have to be a place you’ve been to regularly – perhaps you want to write about somewhere that felt perfect just for the one night you were there. Send your entry in via our contact page.

31st January

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Brixton Academy

Walking into Brixton Academy always feels like arriving at the kind of graduation party you see in films. Every band that headlines is fulfilling an ambition, all the support acts believe they’re really going somewhere whilst the crowds that pack the old cinema building can’t help but be saturated by the residual atmosphere from the leagues of raves and concerts that have been held at, and come to define, the legendary venue.

Queuing outside the Academy is a breathtaking experience. We can’t wait to get inside. When we do, we run up the stairs that sweep grandly up each side of the entrance hall, and cram as many hoodies and belongings into one bag as we can before checking it into the cloakroom. It doesn’t sound like much, but in a place as magical as London’s greatest remaining venue, even collecting a coat ticket sends tingles down our spines.

Then we leap two, three steps at a time back down to the live room. We won’t go to the front until the final warm-up group have left the stage. By then, the fans will have packed themselves more tightly towards the front barrier. But even those at the back of Brixton Academy have a good view, and everyone feels closer to the stage than they are because of the sloped floor. It lends an intimacy to this five thousand capacity venue, and the regal architecture suits the elegant music being performed.

Nights whizz by at triple-speed when we’re in Brixton Academy. The greens and red that illuminate the front of the venue blur together and colour the whole experience of tearing around and around. And the feeling of leaving when it’s all over is profound. Our senses have been on hyper-drive for the last few hours, so have everyone else’s, and with all those emotions crushed together under one roof, it’s no surprise we can hear a can-opening hiss as concert-goers tumble back out onto the main street.

Every night at Brixton Academy is a perfect night. We can’t wait till the next one.