Carousel Kings Are On Their Way

Hooray! Spring is pretty much here, and after the long, dark, gloomy winter we can at last look forward to longer days and an altogether sunnier future.

How can we be so sure? Well, firstly we’ll overlook the fact that you’ve actually deigned to question our omniscience! And then we’ll point to Carousel Kings’ imminent arrival in the UK. The Pennsylvanian outfit are guaranteed to make our lives ten times brighter.

Last year, the quintet released their first album for Victory Records and if you haven’t already listened to the gorgeous Charm City, then stop reading this right now and put it on your headphones immediately…

Got it? Good. Amazing, isn’t it? It’s a pop-punk record with just the right balance of positivity and sensitivity. How awesome will it be to see the band play live? Well, we’re betting that it will be pretty incredibly, deliciously awesome. Look below for dates and make sure you don’t miss the chance to find out for yourself…


19: The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich
20: The Junction, Ashford
21: Satan’s Hollow, Manchester
22: Broadcast, Glasgow
23: Opium, Edinburgh
24: Asylum, Birmingham
25: Thousand Island, London
26: The Underground, Plymouth
27: Cobblestones, Bridgwater
28: The Lanes, Bristol
29: Red Rooms, Nottingham
30: Talking Heads, Southampton