Can't Swim - This Too Won't Pass
8Overall Score

Can’t Swim, This Too Won’t Pass
Pure Noise Records

Good news everyone! Can’t Swim are back! Okay, maybe that might not mean much to you if you weren’t already following them, but it’s never too late to start – and you definitely should.

Bear in mind, though, you’re going to need to be very careful when listening to This Too Won’t Pass. Right from the first track, What Have We Done, it jumps around genres and changes pace fast enough to give you whiplash. One minute it’s relaxed, catchy, and calm, the next it’s fast, energetic, and emotionally-charged. Good luck.

In contrast to a lot of bands around at the moment, Can’t Swim do actually seem to remember there are instruments other than guitar and they give an absolute masterclass in how to create an enticing beat and bassline in My Queen. The guitars work with, not over, any of the other elements, and the results are soothing, upbeat and powerful – exactly what you need to wash down the drama of what’s come before.

The highlight, though, has to be Not The Way It Was – the definition of an anthem. It’s a motivating, uplifting call to arms that has the power to make you feel like you could run a marathon or wrestle a bear. Who needs energy drinks or coffee when you have Can’t Swim?

The New Jersey outfit are throwing you right in the deep end with this record and it’s absolutely relentless in a way that leaves you begging for more. It might be a little too long, but put the best tracks on repeat and listen all night long.

This Too Won’t Pass is out November 16th via Pure Noise Records.