Bury The Traitor - Ascend To Clarity EP
7.8Overall Score

Bury The Traitor, Ascend To Clarity

In the market for mature, meticulously crafted metalcore? Look no further. Bury The Traitor are hitting the streets with their latest EP, Ascend to Clarity. The Derby boys have poured their souls into six exacting tracks –  bury any doubts you may have, and let the intensity wash over you.

Staying true to its name, starting track Embers is a slow burn. Almost inaudible murmurs litter a gentle acoustic introduction, dancing around haunting church bells. It’s only halfway through this opening number when the tranquillity is shattered by imposing guitars and apocalyptic screams – it bleeds seamlessly into Seasons to Burn and it’s apparent that now things have picked up, they aren’t slowing down any time soon. Slaughtering guitars lead the charge as the verse’s venomous screams battle with a melodic, pleading chorus.

As the soaring instrumental of A.S.I.F breaks down into a hypnotic, spiralling collision course of absurd precision, your growing suspicion is confirmed – battering, annihilating bridges are where Bury The Traitor really thrive. Heads Down Thumbs Up may not be quite as relaxing as the beloved childhood game, but it’s just as thrilling. Roars grumble over a barrage of guitars and percussion before a stomping pre-chorus packing enough power to level a stadium takes charge. With chants piling up behind snarling vocals and a bridge that simultaneously strips back the volume but doubles the attitude, it’s fighting to be the standout track of the album.

Lions v Woolf communicates nothing if not intensity, shooting everything at you in rapid fire. Stumbling over screeching guitars, juddering riffs and a particularly juicy breakdown, it almost feels as though the quintet are trying to use up the last of their butchering energy before the EP draws to a close. With final track When Lust Dethrones Loyalty still to go, however, this thankfully is not the case. With desperation pouring out of every passing note, a bridge of haunting whispers gradually builds in power and confidence before erupting into a jaw-dropping anthem. Squeezing every last drop of emotion into a toxic cocktail of unfiltered spirit and urgency, these last few moments are the most touching of the EP.

So, that’s it. Ascend to Clarity may not be the most diverse or experimental record, but it serves as Bury the Traitor’s rite of passage. They’ve broken into the big leagues now, and they’ve got the volume to match.

Ascend To Clarity is out on Valentine’s Day – why not treat your loved ones to it?