Blood Youth - Starve
8.4Overall Score

Blood Youth – Starve
Rude Records

Let’s cut the fat – Blood Youth are coming at us with their second album, Youth. No, it may not be the most diverse in sound, and no, it also isn’t the most experimental. What it is destined to be, however, is the biggest, baddest and most brutal album of the year. With scorching attitude and themes of heartbreak, death and loss throughout, it’s the perfect record to cure your winter blues.

{51/50} eases you into the wasteland of Youth before Starve’s siren-like guitars alert listeners to the anarchy they’re about to experience. Cut Me Open’s gnarly guitars slice at your core before revealing a euphoric chorus and slithering bridge. Spineless sees Kaya Tarsus tear through the snarling vocals over blistering, back-breaking instrumentals.

The Answer delivers unparalleled urgency and aggression, finding the balance between perfectly organised chaos and incoherent noise. Knotted guitars and acidic vocals carve out a not-so-surprising melodic chorus, but it only confirms what Blood Youth do best.

{stone.tape.theory} mimics a compact, toned-down version of Slipknot‘s Iowa before leaking into Visitant. Stabbing guitars rip apart the hypnotic tranquillity curated by its predecessor, creating a corrosive potion powerful enough to raise the dead. The lyrics may not be profound, but the quartet certainly gets their feelings across.

Declaring a track as the darkest you’ve ever written is a bold move. Thankfully, Keep You Alive’s strolling beat, blood-curdling shouts and whirring guitars surpass expectations.  Nothing Left leads off from this haunting tone before short-but-sweet Hate takes the stage. It’s as if Blood Youth are crushing all their hatred into this two-minute apocalypse; animalistic cries crash against blows of battering drums and venomous guitars before fading into nothingness.

Finally, Exhale closes the show. Granting you the privilege of catching your breath for the first time since the start of the album, this eleven-minute odyssey builds from crackling static into a grappling assault on the senses before converging into one final meltdown. Exhibiting unharnessed talent start to finish, Blood Youth are firmly establishing themselves as the titans of tomorrow.

Starve is out now via Rude Records.