It’s the new year, and as everyone knows, the new year is a time for making changes – and that’s exactly what our band of the month, Fever 333 (F.K.A. The Fever 333), aim to do with their high-octane, politically-charged blend of rap, nu-metal and post-hardcore. They’re known for their harshly real but stirringly rallying lyrics, pounding instrumentals that FEEL like protest marches, and the instantly-recognisable vocal stylings of former Letlive frontman Jason Butler. It’s a concoction that gets listeners addicted and makes them feel inspired to speak out.

The supergroup (also comprising of The Chariot’s Stephen Harrison and Night Verses’ Aric Improta) took the world by storm in 2018 – they absolutely blew people away on tour with Bring Me The Horizon in November, and tore apart the Heavy Music Awards in August. It’s a well-known fact that their live shows are crazy – Butler’s frenzied stage presence is second to none, as he scales stage equipment and darts through the crowd without pause for breath.

Fever 333’s debut EP, Made An America, blew the SOP team away so much we couldn’t NOT write a Sound of Love piece on them – and our estimation of the California trio has only increased since then. January 18th will see the release of their debut album, Strength In Numb333rs; accompanying single BURN IT promises that the record will feel just as powerful, aggressive, and socially aware as their EP, if not more so.

The sooner these boys get back to UK stages the better – Fever 333 are the only type of disease you’re going to want to catch. 2018 was their year, and they’re going to make sure 2019 is theirs too.