Authority Zero - Persona Non Grata
8.2Overall Score

Authority Zero, Persona Non Grata
Concrete Jungle Records

Do you love punk rock? Well, congratulations — here’s your new favourite album of 2018! Authority Zero have taken all the best parts of punk rock and melded them together to create Persona Non Grata; a diamond in the wasteland, here to reignite your passion for the genre.

A Blind Eye is the first spark of a chain reaction; fast-paced, gravelly and red-hot real, A Blind Eye will certainly turn your head. Derailed holds nothing back, with a lighter yet more emotionally penetrating sound. The band’s use of counterpoint is unrivalled by any technique on the record — these guys are some talented musicians.

Persona Non Grata is a mere sample of punk rock, initiating you into their world. You are then fully submerged with Atom Bomb’s vengeful energy. It’s a post-apocalyptic roller coaster of sound, forcing you to dig your heels in to avoid getting thrown off. Ah Hell echoes this energy, feeling reminiscent of the same genius found in R.E.M.’s It’s The End of the World, but with a thicker and more invigorating message.

Shake The Ground is a day under the desert sun – overwhelmingly calm after the chaos, and a respite from the excitement. The Bright Side has the same vibe; sections of sunlight shine throughout, a catchy track that is truly a cut above the rest. In contrast, you’re completely winded by Mush Mouth – a gruelling boss battle, taking a page out of Sum 41’s book.

On The Outside pushes us back into the world of chaotic emotion, the perfect percussion and guitar reinforcing ideas of honour and anti-heroes. As the title suggests, Damage Control ties up the loose ends and cheers us on at the end of the road – as the lyric says, ‘your self justification lies ahead’. Rights This Way is the after-party, winding you up all over again and leaving you begging to discover your own destiny in the real world.

Persona Non Grata redefines punk rock whilst also bringing back everything we’ve missed hearing from classic bands. Although it sometimes lacks consistency, each track shines on its own, taking you further and further into Authority Zero’s brilliant musical world.

Persona Non Grata is out now via Concrete Jungle Records.