This month, we (JC and Si!) want to approach the artist of the month section from a slightly different angle. Up until now, we’ve chosen bands or singers that have clearly been set to have an impact on us within the immediate period of time surrounding the relevant article’s publication. That’s really the point of the regular feature – to draw your attention towards the music of someone doing something significant at that particular moment. So it is, that over the last year or so, we’ve celebrated Creeper, Rise Against, Pvris, Enter Shikari, Harbour Sharks, SWMRS, The Young Hearts, Marmozets, Evertim, Moose Blood, Palm Reader and Mike Shinoda. A worthy bunch, we’re sure you’ll agree.

The artists we want to salute this month, however, are not maybe so well-known for their musical output. Instead, it’s their insights into the music scene that have grabbed us, and their passion for all those aforementioned bands – and so many more – that has ignited a fire in us. As summer 2018 really explodes into life, we want to acknowledge Sound of Pen’s incredible team of writers. They are absolutely inspiring, they are absolutely gorgeous, and they are absolutely artists.

The act of listening to music and then somehow synthesising your emotional response in a way that people can digest is not one to be undertaken lightly. Writing about your favourite songs can be like trying to translate a dream. Almost impossible. To articulate how you feel about this huge, magical thing called music takes artistry. At Sound of Pen, we’re very lucky to have such a talented team of young writers with the commitment to harness that artistry. It means the articles you read aren’t simply pieces of information. They’re works of art to be engaged with.

Queen Kwong certainly agrees. ‘One of the best reviews I’ve ever received,’ she tweeted after reading Ims’ thoughts on One Lung. And it’s that focus on writing something that’s worth reading and worth remembering that really ensures our writers deserve to be considered as artists. Alice wrote about how Moose Blood’s music, ‘shatters and heals every heart in the room,’ Emily told us how Architects are, ‘weak in a way that feels strong’, while Clo roared that, ‘The Fever 333 aren’t a band, they’re a protest; they don’t have songs, they have broadcasts; they don’t have live shows, they have demonstrations.’ Writing like this isn’t simply functional. It has power. It’s art.

And so that’s why, in June 2018, our artists of the month are Louise, Alice, Ims, Clo, J. Dancer, Emily, Ellie, JH, Howe, Morgan, M. Underwood and Daisy.