Alkaline Trio - Is This Thing Cursed?
8.6Overall Score

Alkaline Trio, Is This Thing Cursed?

Have you ever felt like there’s something missing? Like there’s a void leaving you dissatisfied with your life and you can’t quite put your finger on why? Well, luckily for you, Alkaline Trio might have just invented a cure: their new album, Is This Thing Cursed?

Palms sweating, head swimming, heart beating out of control: you can already tell right from the first song that this album is going to be amazing. This is what you’ve been waiting for all these years. Whether you were a fan of Alkaline Trio before or not, you definitely will be after hearing this.

The Illinois outfit have definitely come a long way since the days of Stupid Kid and Private Eye, the songs that brought them into the spotlight and gave many people their very first taste of the trio’s dark punk-rock. They’re more mature now and more experienced, but their energy remains relentless here right until the last chords of Krystaline.

Essentially, this is still the same Alkaline Trio you fell in love with way back when.

Is This Thing Cursed? is out through Epitaph on Friday 31st August.