With a host of brilliant bands already announced for this year’s Slam Dunk, we’re certainly excited. Okay, right now it might be cold and dark and wet, but winter’s not going to last forever. And while it’s here, we can at least light things up by listening to all the acts already billed to perform at England’s event of 2019 – your ears can have their very own festival without even stepping outside of the house! So, stick your headphones on, lie back and think about the next in our list of 23 reasons why Slam Dunk is going to be slamming.

Number 5 – It’s as much a time machine as it is a festival.

Seriously, look at the Jagermeister Stage. Taking pole position, there’s the bolshie Bullet For My Valentine. Main support comes in the form of the electrifying Atreyu, and then there’s the hyperactive Story Of The Year and the underrated Silverstein. How much does that feel like a Taste of Chaos bill circa 2006?

So it is that we end up with the sensation that, at Slam Dunk, we’re living in the past and present all at once. Not to mention the future. Because this music will mean as much to us in a decade’s time as it did a decade ago.

Excitingly, none of the aforementioned artists are simply trading on past glories either. All of them have a whole armoury of recent material to get our pulses racing. Nonetheless, we’ll be looking forward to yelling our hearts out when Bullet detonate Tears Don’t Fall and Silverstein dive into My Heroine. Guess we’ll have to wait and see whether Story Of The Year are still up to doing backflips off the amp stacks, though!