We’re already in the second month of 2019. Where did January go?? Who cares. The fact is we’re another few weeks closer to the Slam Dunk extravaganza. Which makes it about time for the fifth of our 23 reasons why you should absolutely not miss the best pop-punk party the UK has to offer. Why 23? Hmmm. Maybe it’s because this time 23 years ago, one of the festival’s leading lights, NOFX, had only just released Heavy Petting Zoo, the fourth in their run of classic nineties albums. Or maybe that’s not the reason at all. Who cares.

Number 5 – Trophy Eyes.

It’s true. The band behind the best album of 2018 will be heading to the UK in order to make absolutely certain that the Slam Dunk experience will be one you’ll never forget. Even if the worst happens and it pours with rain, you can count on this Australian outfit to bring the heat. Seriously, Trophy Eyes’ music is so bright and uplifting, your ears will need sunglasses. And as for the band’s softer moments, well, they just cement the same point. You could be listening to tracks like A Symphony Of Crickets in a freezer and still you wouldn’t be able to stop your heart from melting. So, yeah, the Slam Dunk bill may be packed with very many of your favourite other bands, but we promise you that Trophy Eyes will stand out. Don’t miss them.