With a host of brilliant bands already announced for next year’s Slam Dunk, it’s time to get excited. Sure, we’ve got Christmas to enjoy first but, sorry to break it to you, Bullet For My Valentine, Trophy Eyes and Glassjaw are just never going to fit in your stocking. Not all of them at once, anyway. So you really are going to have to wait until the last weekend in May to see that lot together in one place. Happily, we’re here to give you 23 reasons why it will be worth the wait. Why 23? Well, there are 23 weeks to go until Slam Dunk Festival 2019 kicks off. Not that complicated, is it?

Number 2

Turnstile. No, not the one you’ll go through as you enter the festival. We’re talking about the other kind. You know who we mean. They’re from Maryland and they’re waiting to detonate your weekend in the best possible way.

Turnstile’s rise is reminiscent of At The Drive-In’s. And that’s not only down to both outfits’ wildness, it’s also due to the fact that neither experienced overnight success. Before their breakthrough albums, each band already had some serious material in their respective lockers. Basically, by the time magazines started writing about them, they were well worth writing about. So it is that Turnstile are in the magical position of being as well-seasoned as they are totally fresh – and they know exactly how to deliver. And deliver at Slam Dunk they will. Like a punkier version of Jane’s Addiction, they fling themselves around music genres with little concern for doing things in a way that anyone might have done them before. Grungy basslines invest their music with a vibrating quality that you’ll feel no matter how far from the stage you’re standing, and their frantic riffing will ensure you make faces you’ve never made before. So get your gurn on and make sure you’re ready to experience the most timeless band on Slam Dunk’s bill.